Amyaa team conducted review meeting of 2020.

Amyaa team along with CHILDLINE TEAM conducted review meeting at AMYAA HEAD OFFICE ROING. The meeting was conducted to discuss and have a short review about the activities and programme AMYAA had undertaken in the year 2020. Team also had discussions to share feedbacks on both cons and pros of the staff, starting from leadership to attendance and punctuality.

As of the year 2020 AMYAA team had work hard in fighting against the pandemic not only verbally spreading awareness or organizing campaign but by going house to house conducting surveys to identify the real needy vulnerable household and individuals. Amidst COVID-19 AMYAA Team maintaining the SOPs, successfully interacted with more then 2100 individual at LOWER DIBANG VALLEY. The interaction was also done along with providing face mask to the poor who can’t afford a mask, distribution of groceries and food items, stationery items for children’s, sanitary napkins to adolescent,clothes, giving supplementary vitamins and deworming tablets to kids, providing mineral base vitamins to pregnant women. Amid COVID-19 AMYAA team also had the oppurtunities in meeting the old aged and physically disabled persons. There were moments when our team also shaded tears after hearing the stories and struggles of some unfortunate families.

Apart from COVID-19. S2S team of AMYAA NGO also had successfully imparted employability skills training to 120 individuals in the year 2020. With unemployment rising up in the country and also more due to COVID19, AMYAA NGO strieved and aims to give life skills knowledge to the unemployed and school dropout youths.

This year CHILDLINE TEAM of AMYAA NGO had rescue 35 childrens from various child related issues starting from child abuses to runaway, missing, in need of shelter, need of counseling etc. Team also successfully conducted events like POSHAN MA, CHILDLINE SE DOSTI WEEK, Video screening for children’s who can’t afford a television, weekly awareness and also advance christmass with children’s of Balek village.

AMYAA also had successfully initiated two farmers producer company. One at lower dibang valley and other at Changlang district ot arunachal pradesh. This producer company will boost the agriculture sector of the state as they will be trained and organised right from the seedlings of any crop to exporting of their product to the world market. AMYAA also had successfully registered a private company i.e NE Roots puvt Ltd. This private company will enhanced and give a platform of marketing for local entrepreneurs. NE roots act as a helping hand for local entrepreneurs to expose and promote their product online.

AMYAA NGO as implementing agency with support from NABARD had successfully constructed one RURAL MART at DAMBUK and RURAL HUT at BOMJIR, Lower Dibang Valley.

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