30th October, 2017 Roing: T20171030_130622he session “Meet with Experts for the Farmer Clubs of Lower Dibang Valley” was organised today by the AMYAA NGO, Roing supported by NABARD.  Representatives of all the 15 Farmer Clubs of Lower Dibang Valley turned up for the meeting. The expert for the session was Mr.Ibi Mepo ( in Agriculture, Agronomy) and Mr. Abhinav Kumar (B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering).

The experts emphasised on the Value addition of the products for the benefits of the Farmers through Organic Farming. The main aim of the session was to make the Farmers aware and benefitting them by taking the production to the International market level. The experts discussed on importance of value added products especially on products of Ginger and Turmeric. They also explained the difference between on Organic Farming and Inorganic Farming.

The experts and the Farmers had an interaction session where they listened to the problems the Farmers were facing. They highlighted on serious issues where it has been found out through surveys that though Arunachal Pradesh is also a higher producer of raw materials. But in terms of reports of higher producer there is not a single name from the state. It shows the ignorance as well as the lack of value added products.

Hence, the session ended with Mr. Paul Chawang Secretary of AMYAA NGO who threw light on the challenges of the Farmers in the region and orientated the Farmers on the rights of the Farmers. And encouraged the Farmers to be well aware about the schemes provided by the Government and participate for their benefit at larger scale.

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