A Glimpse of AMYAA Family Meet 2017.

IMG-20171026-WA0003An Annual Meet of all the members of AMYAA NGO  was held on 25th of October,2017 in the head office of AMYAA NGO Roing. The members of the Branch office of AMYAA NGO in Diyun also came together and made the meet more enriching and memorable experience.

Two sessions were held from 10:00am to 3:00pm, which were led by the Secretary of the AMYAA NGO Mr. Paul Chawang. The sessions were comprised of fun activities, discussions, and presentations. The session mainly focused on the team building of the members in order to enhance the skills. Mr. Chawang emphasized on the skill building using the 21st-century tools and techniques for facilitation where each and every individual should have a better understanding of self and learn through reflections and have an ability to problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Mr. Chawang also Oriented on the role and responsibilities of the members and also highlighted about AMYAA NGO aims, goals, norms and work culture. The members were made to plan a sketch through self-reflection which would help in self-growth as well as making AMYAA  a better place of learning.






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