Local Women Entrepreneurs at Roing

The notion of starting a small income generating activities (IGAs) from scratch through simple methods might sound strange and silly for many, but definitely not for Mrs. Lina Menjo and Mrs. Lomey Mili from Cheta II, Village of Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh. These ambitious and passionate Women to work for better income so as to improve the living conditions of their families, particularly their children are neither graduates nor got trained in any big institutions. They are housewives and runs from pillar to poles to fully managed their home chores before setting off to run their Rural Mart supported by NABARD and promoted by AMYAA NGO. Through this Rural Mart all local made traditional hand-loom and handicrafts items are sold. Within the short span of 6 months they have already gained a margin profit of Rs. 28560/- (Twenty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Rupees). These two women leads Lambo SHG of Cheta II Village. With the increasing price hike on basic commodities and untimely imposing of various taxation on products and services by Government, a common men with no daily source of income is left but to survive on seer hard earnings. To begin with these two Women has set an example of WHAT WOMEN also can DO given the opportunity.

Thanks to #QuestAlliance# for course on Retail Management, Customer Interaction, Life Skills Management#AMYAANGO#ROING#IMG_20171117_125749

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