CHILDLINE Roing conducted awareness on menstrual hygiene with students.

Menstruation in our country is associated with various myths and restrictions leading to lack of awareness among adolescent girls. Insufficient menstrual hygiene practices are the cause of stress associated with menstruation and reproductive tract infections. Sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS are not openly discussed in our society making adolescents vulnerable to them.

A comprehensive health education programme involving mothers is required to remove various misconceptions and taboos associated with menstruation and make it a pleasant experience for adolescent girls.

CHILDLINE ROING today conducted awareness on mestraul hygiene and health education at CHILDLINE Office. The programme was attended by students and adolescent from Roing.

We are responsible for teaching the next generation of women about periods and how to manage them safely and hygienically. Schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions should all play a part in helping stop the stigma around menstrual hygiene. Educating students and providing them with the right hygiene facilities will help give women and girls the confidence not to be held back by their periods.


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