Helping Hand for Frontline ASHA workers admist COVID-19

A generous soul Smti Jayashree Jayanka Mohanka madam a WhatsApp contact of Mr WilliamLahary BBM, ArSRLM, Roing donated Rs. 9763/- online to AMYAA_NGO to extend support to ASHA workers of Roing who are working tirelessly to combat CoronaVirus inspite inclement weather condition. AMYAA (NGO) distributed the following materials to #ASHA workers to help them carry out their duties during this rainy season.
Umbrella 6, Gamboot 5 pairs,
Bags 10 Nos. (to help them carry their files), Scarf 10 Nos., Rain coat 3 Nos.
AMYAA NGO would like to thank madam for her generosity.🙏fightcoronavirus

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