S2S alumni meet held at Roing and Namsai

AMYAA NGO QUEST team conducted alumni mert at both Roing and Namsai centre. The programme was conducted on 26 feb and 28 feb 2021 respectively.

A total of 300 participants showed up at both the programme which include schools dropout students, parents and past pupils of S2S. The programme was conducted to facilitate past S2S batch who got employed at various sector and how living a self sustainable life after getting trained from S2S self employment and retailed management training conducted by AMYAA NGO with support from QUEST ALLIANCE.

Speaking of the occassion there was many positive feedbacks from the parents. They were happy that their son’s and daughter’s got such opportunities when every door in the district was shut leaving no hope for there children’s future. They thank AMYAA and QUEST ALLIANCE for bringing such initiative in the district.

Past students of S2S batch also thank the S2S team for helping and guiding them. They motivated the present batch student to focus,work hard and learn as much as they can without losing any oppurtunities.

AMYAA congratulate the S2S team for thier hard work and positive results.

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