First PMIC meeting of Dibang Agro Farmers’ Producer Company held at Roing.

The First Project Monitoring and Implementing Committee (PMIC) meeting of Dibang Agro Famers’ Producer Company (DAFPC) was held at AMYAA NGO Head Office Mayu-2, Lower Dibang Valley. The PMIC meeting was organized by Producer Organization Promoting Institution (POPI) AMYAA NGO with support from NABARD. The meeting was attended by Shri Baidya Nath, AGM NABARD, Mr Nitya Mili (District Development Manager NABARD), PB Chetry (Branch Manager APRB), Dr. Emo Lego (District Veterinary Officer Roing), Smt. Minonti Pait (Horticulture Development Officer Roing), Smt. Toktil Modi (Agriculture Development Officer Roing), Mr Varun Raheja (Director RSEP Pvt Ltd.), R. K. Paul Chawang, Secretary AMYAA and Board of Directors of DAFPC.
Shri Baidya Nath AGM, NABARD participated online and briefed the PMIC members on the concept and background of Farmers’ Producer Organization (FPO) and role of PMIC from the perspective of NABARD. He also clarified the queries raised by the members.
Shri Nitya Milli DDM NABARD spoke on the importance of PMIC meeting. He spoke on the role of POPI, role of Board of Directors, role of CEO, importance of reporting and submitting data to NABARD as per the project sanction guidelines.
Ms. Jimika Pulu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DAFPC gave a progress report update of the company. In her reporting she highlighted on Board of Directors selection, Membership enrollment, Company’s share collection, Joint Bank Account opening and Company’s registration under IndiaFilling. She mentioned that DAFPC is expected to obtain company’s registration certificate by this month.
Shri P.B. Chetry BM APRB expressed his happiness to learn that NABARD has been providing a lot of incentives to the farming & non-farming community in terms of interest subvention & subsidy margin which provides business opportunities to the BANK for increasing credit flow to priority sectors. Under these circumstances, he requested the FPO Board Members to explore all the possibilities which NABARD is providing to the farmers. He further advised the members to think practically with innovating ideas to maximize the growth of the company.
Shri Varun Raheja, Director RSEP Pvt Ltd., spoke on his solar dryer project in the state of Arunachal Pradesh through the support of State Secretary Planning. He expressed his concern to help small and marginalized farmers from wasting their seasonal agricultural products through value addition by use of solar dryers.
Shri R. K. Paul, Secretary AMYAA NGO called for support and collaboration of all stakeholders and to work together for the progress of every small and marginalized farmer in the District through Dibang Farmers Producer Company. He requested both PMIC members as well as Board of Directors (BoDs) of the company to take active part in all meetings and trainings.


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