CHILDLINE ROING celebrates World day against Child Labour “Protect children from child labour, now more than ever” at Nani Maria Child Care Institute Roing, Lower Dibang Valley (AP)

World Day against Child Labour 2020 focuses on the impact of crisis on child labour. The COVID-19 health pandemic and the resulting economic and labour market shock are having a huge impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. Unfortunately, children are often the first to suffer. The crisis can push millions of vulnerable children into child labour. Already, there are an estimated 152 million children in child labour, 72 million of which are in hazardous work. These children are now at even greater risk of facing circumstances that are even more difficult and working longer hours.
Hundreds of children drop out of school every year to help their parents earn a livelihood. The more unfortunate ones are forced into child labour by organized crime racket while many others never get to see a school because of extreme poverty.
CHILDLINE ROING team marked the day by spending time with the children’s of CCI Roing. CHILDLINE Roing Director RK Paul Chawang highlighted about CHILDLINE, 1098 number, Child labour, Right to education, Dos and Don’ts of COVID-19 and presented a slogan with action on “No to child labour” along with the children. The team organized activities like drawing, scraping, creativity, action song etc. Apart from the activities CHILDLINE Team also conducted counseling. The programme concluded with a short lunch and a big smile on the children’s faces.
Chawang stated “This Day not only focus on the suitable environment required for the children to grow and prosper but he urges every individual and stakeholders of Lower Dibang Valley to participate and be a part of CHILDLINE Roing dream in creating a Child friendly environment where every child has a profound memories of their childhood on which they can cherish”

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