Mali boy gets help from AMYAA NGO

AMYAA during distribution of relief ration and essential commodities at MALI Village encountered a 10 year old child suffering from a very severe infectious disease having ulcers and open wounds all over his face and body. The child mentioned, he got the infection when he was at the hostel before lockdown and had since became severe with time.The child including his four siblings (one physically disabled) was look after by a single father who work as a farmer and was also currently under medication for his poor health. Due to the ongoing COVID19 lockdown the child was not able to get a proper treatment as vehicular movement were restricted.AMYAA team after consulting with the Child father took the child for medical treatment at District Hospital Roing. The child is now under medication and AMYAA shall be continuing to update, provide essential needs and conduct weekly follow-up of the child.

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