27 April 2020: Our Story About Today:

We decided to walk the path less taken & meet such special human beings less known. Our #covid19 fight is about interacting with a child who needed urgent medical care but innocent parents remains scared to move out amidst lockdown. A differently-abled man, who had both hands deformed by birth got the rarest visitors who brought gifts for him something he had never seen in his life, pours our his heart felt gratitude of thanks to the team. Met two grandmas of above 70+ of ages, born to tribal families & inspite having grown up children were left to survive in isolated dark small room eating jungle leaves. And our journey continues….We can reach out on your behalf…Million thanks to generous #DonorsMisliMega #KotosiMenda (#LibaAgencyRoing) #PangkaLinggi #LihaMenaTogether we shall see the SUNSHINE!

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