Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and nationwide lockdown, AMYAA has been doing all possible activities to support local administration, by way of creating awareness, facilitating in supply of essential commodities, contributing small amounts from personal savings to making local face masks to help the vulnerable groups of people to be protected from the virus.

Activities conducted by AMYAA in March to fights COVID-19

Fresh Vegetables & Donation in Diyun (Changlang District)

AMYAA the partner NGO of NERCORMP project Changlang fights back COVID-19 and lockdown crisis by facilitating fresh vegetables supply to different parts of Changlang District. AMYAA staff and community members comprising of SHGs, NaRMGs, Farmer Clubs and Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) stood with Diyun Administration led by Shri J. Tabing EAC and has gone step ahead to donating water filters, bleaching powder, tooth brushes, colgates and food items worth Rs. 44600/- to inmates of 16 Quarantine Centres under Diyun Circle, Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh.

Free Face Masks most Vulnerable in Roing (Lower Dibang Valley District)

The Staff of AMYAA NGO who got trained in Tailoring (FY 2018-19) under MEDP supported by NABARD stitched 100 face masks. Face masks were stitched by team of AMYAA and were distributed free of cost to most vulnerable families and communities in Roing Township, who otherwise are unable to afford buying expensive face masks. AMYAA NGO focuses at helping children, women, elderly persons, differently abled and the sick who falls under most vulnerable category of becoming easy targets of COVID-19.

AMYAA and DIYUN Administration with Water filters, bleaching powders, tooth brush
Fresh vegetable ready for Changlang Head Quarter
AMYAA Roing staff making face mask at Amyaa Head Office, Mayu-2, Roing

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