Diyun SHGs Exposure Trip to Roing Poultry Farm

A total of 4 SHG representatives from Diyun Circle, Changlang District namely Jikhucia and Maya Mamata SHGs promoted under NERCORMP project by Partner NGO AMYAA made their exposure trip to Roing accompanied by Shri R. K. Paul Chawang, Secretary AMYAA NGO, Shri Priyo Kanti, Community Coordinator (CC) and Shri Albert Zeliang, staff of AMYAA. The team visited Poultry Farm run by local Entrepreneur Smt Andali Umpey (wife of Jitu Pulu) of Mayu-II village, Roing. The exposure visit comprised of interactive sessions and visit to poultry farming site. The SHG members got the opportunity to learn scientific way of poultry farming for income generation.

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