The Himalayan Clean Up Campaign: Roing Chapter

Roing, May 26: In a massive cleanup drive, more than hundreds of volunteers across the district withstood the rain on Sunday to beat plastic pollution, a matter of global concern, in participation to The Himalayan Clean

Up (THC) campaign.

The THC campaign is a part of the Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) and Zero Waste Himalayas. It is conducted every year on May 26 in all the 12 Himalayan mountain states in the country, with the theme “Our Mountains deserve better.”

The campaign aims to fight the use and dispose of plastic goods, particularly single-use plastic, to bring the issue of waste to the forefront. The campaign also highlights an assessment of the collected solid waste through a waste and brand audit for people to acquire a better understanding towards the waste we produce.

With ADC Tapik Pertin flagging off the programme, the drive kicked off at 7:30 in the morning. Pertin Sir addressing the public spoke on the importance of taking individual care on plastic waste and stop dumping every place with least civic sense. N. Sora, OC Roing initiated the pledge taking ceremony, encouraging the youth to embrace sustainability. Sora also recited the harmful effects of plastic pollution in our day to day lives. Paul Chawang of AMYAA NGO briefed the aim, importance and the code of conduction of the clean up drive. Chimmi Linggi, member of SDFA also invited the public of Roing Township to be part of the campaign against plastic pollution.

Solid wastes weighing 2171.18 kg in total were collected from around Roing Market complex, comprised mostly PET Bottles, Multi layered packaging wrappers and single-use plastic. A huge amount of waste comprising Tetra pak packages, tins, textiles, glass and other plastic items were also collected. Non-branded plastic waste weighing 1076 kgs, Naharani (mineral water bottles) weighing 71 kgs and Oxyrich (mineral water bottles) weighing 61.5 kgs were the three categories of highest plastic waste found through the brand auditing.

Post collection, the waste auditing was carried out by the participating volunteers under the supervision of Paul Chawang along with the staff members of AMYAA NGO and Volunteers of I-Clean Roing.

The PET bottles were weighed and stored for recycling process by DUDA while the tins and other recyclable waste was offered to the local scrap dealers in the town.

The remaining discarded garbage was disposed off with transportation facilitated by DUDA along with other cleaning equipment.

J.E DUDA leading his team also volunteered for the cause. SHG groups namely Aayme from Mayu-II village and Athingto from Kebali village has also taken initiative for the betterment of the town.

The clean up drive was jointly organized by the District Administration, AMYAA NGO, Sustainable Development Forum of Arunachal Pradesh (SDFA), All Idu Mishmi Students’ union (AIMSU), I-clean Roing, Mishmi Hills (Event Planning & Production Company), NHIDCL, PHED Roing, Dibang Adventure, Assamese Cultural & Welfare Society and Integrated Mountain initiative (IMI) Roing with media partner Mishmi Hills Photo Agency.