Skill Development Training for SHGs on ANIMAL HUSBANDRY

A total of 30 women representatives from 13 SHGs of Parbuk Village are undergoing Skill Development Training in Poultry, Piggery and Hospitality under the aegis of AMYAA NGO based at Roing. This training program has been supported by Block Development Office, Roing of Lower Dibang Valley District. The program is being facilitated by AMYAA NGO in collaboration with NABARD Roing, District Veterinary Office Roing, and Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank (APRB) Roing. The program began with briefing cum introduction to the training program by Shri R. K. Paul Chawang, Secretary AMYAA NGO. He mentioned that with high consumption of pork meat in the region, pig farming has huge potentially for business both for individuals and groups. The only thing that village communities require is the need for change of mind-set from traditional way of pig farming to scientific methods. This was followed by group discussion and group activity among the participants, focusing on how Poultry and Piggery related activities are being carried out at village level. The group representatives presented the outcomes of their group activities and discussions and highlighted on how they still follow traditional ways of rearing pigs and chickens in their houses. Thus, some of the issues and challenges in rearing pigs as pointed out by the groups are difficulties in finding food, cooking, fire wood, slow growth, sickness etc. The groups described mainly 3 (three) ways of rearing pigs, namely, tight the pig, cage them within bamboo fencing or let them free to roam around.

Keeping in mind the local way of pig farming as shared by the groups, resource persons Shri M.S.Sarkar DVO spoke in detail on scientific way of rearing pigs with the help of diagram drawn on chart paper. He stressed on the importance of sanitation and hygiene for healthy growth of pigs and timely vaccination to prevent pigs from certain diseases. Shri A. Ngukir DVO too spoke in local dialect for better understanding of the participants. Shri Nitya Mili, DDM Nabard gave inputs on Central Government subsidized schemes on Poultry, Piggery and Dairy Farms channelized through NABARD in the state. Shri P.B. Chetry BM APRB spoke on the role of Bank to help genuinely interested individuals and groups by providing loans. The resource persons encouraged the participants to take up pig farming for business and commercial purpose. The participants along with AMYAA secretary and staff went for an exposure visit to District Veterinary office at Roing and Piggery Farm to get the hands-on practical experience on 27th February, 2019.

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