S2S Review Meeting cum Workshop at AMYAA Premises

A review meeting cum workshop on S2S or Skills to Succeed, a global initiative of Accenture, was held at the AMYAA office premises across two days August 22 – 23, 2018. It was facilitated by Quest Alliance resource person Mr. Augustine Ngatuba and attended by AMYAA Chief Functionary Mr. Paul Chawang and S2S AMYAA facilitators of Roing and Diyun centres among others.

Although the review meeting cum workshop in essence was meant to bring clarity among the participants as to what S2S is supposed to accomplish, it also presented an informal platform for exchange, clarifications, brainstorming and getting to know one another better and aptly the proceedings of the workshop began with a round of introduction.

Mr. Augustine informed the participants that the S2S program is now into its fourth phase of implementation in India. As a matter of fact, S2S as an intervention to make the youth employable and self-sufficient happened in Northeast only in its second phase of its implementation. As far as AMYAA is concerned, they started partnering Quest Alliance to implement the S2S program only last year which incidentally happened to be in its third phase of implementation while preparations are now on to kick-start the fourth phase of its implementation this September. Meanwhile, Mr. Augustine observed that earlier the Quest Alliance partnership with NGOs for S2S implementation was purely based on trust whereby the potential of these NGOs to be even more effective has come to the fore. He further underlined that it is time for partner NGOs to demonstrate maturity in terms of being more efficient in delivery, transparency, being committed to the cause of S2S, meeting targets and taking their efforts to the next level.

While sharing ideas on student mobilisation and training and their ways and means, Mr. Augustine underscored the importance of finding “the right students for the right course” which pertained to eligibility criteria, proper documentation, age limits, student/parent disposition and related student management strategies like having a plan for training hours, self-employment opportunities, placement and post-placement.

On the occasion, Mr. Augustine also apprised the participants of the Master Coach program designed and offered by Quest Alliance meant to help create a personal identity of facilitators and also facilitate growth and eventually towards becoming Master Trainers whereby they can not only train facilitators of their organisation but also other organisations. Mr. Augustine connected the Master Coach Program to having the entrepreneurial mindset which he said is a requisite for both professional and personal growth.

The last day of the S2S review meeting cum workshop was centred on brainstorming and devising plans for actually implementing the youth empowerment program at Roing and Diyun. The Facilitators discussed on specific items of planning involved ascertaining timelines and dates, number of hours for facilitator led sessions, practical, market scan, arrangement of curriculum and how to effectively facilitate student orientation.index

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