National Shramdaan Conference 2018 concludes at bishmaknagar

The 3rd National Shramdaan Conference 2018 held on April 28-29, 2018

at Roing, Arunachal Pradesh was a confluence of ideas and concepts, and expression thereof that start at ‘Shramdaan’ and also revolve around it. For the first time, voluntary professionals of national importance have joined hands and come together to create community innovation and entrepreneurship and also to help take grassroots level community ideas to market. It however opened immense potentialities of how ‘Shramdaan’ as a concept can be adapted to and extended at the community grassroots level.

 ‘Shramdaan’ which is synonymous with selfless volunteering centred on rendering service to individuals and community at large when it got a shot in the arm with the launch of Swachh Bharat Mission has been largely applied to promotion and maintenance of cleanliness in localities.

National Shramdaan Conference 2018 held at Roing, Arunachal Pradesh was a wonder in the sense that it managed to converge a plethora of ideas and concepts ranging from community level innovation, sustainable development, technology, entrepreneurship, ecology, culture, tradition, tourism, agriculture, horticulture and education on a single and basic theme of ‘Shramdaan’.

Ideas get wings from peoples and individuals, and so when groups and individuals who are pioneers and exemplary role models in diverse fields and projects that thrive on ‘Shramdaan’ came together at Roing, Arunachal Pradesh for the 3rd National Shramdaan Conference, it was a meeting of minds and intellect, camaraderie, inspiration and getting inspired even as it apparently gave birth to many a such fresh idea and young inspired mind. It was also a union of several trendsetting individual and group community based movements that have had a significant and tangible positive impact on communities.

The 3rd National Shramdaan Conference was the brainchild of a made-for-each collaboration among Sakaar Sewa Samiti headed by ‘Shramdaan’ pioneer Temsutula Imsong, Amyaa NGO led by Paul Chawang and the brilliant team from IIT Guwahati led by Dr. Charu Monga and Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi broadly intended to augment the Swachh Bharat Mission and also take forward the ambitious mission of Nav Bharat – hence the innovative tags #MissionRoing for #NewIndia 2022 founded on an ‘idea to market’ i2m model. It must be mentioned what a masterstroke it was to facilitate coming together of notable local academicians in Dr. Razzeko Dele, Prof. Dr. Jajati K. Pattnaik among others, low cost technological innovators supported by the IIT Guwahati team, ecology pioneer the Forest Man of India Mr. Jadav Payeng, Swachh Bharat Mission proponent and role model Mr. Manoj Ramachandra Sable, financial and legal professionals, local tourism entrepreneur Mr. Jibi Pulu, Mrs. Aparna Bhattarcharya representative from Nagaon’s young Green Police known for being exemplary ‘Shramdaan’ role models and grassroots ‘Shramdaan’ workers, young social entrepreneurs and community leaders from all over the nation with the objective of creating a robust platform to exchange ideas and demonstrate models of public participation in bio-compost, sanitation, and low-cost innovative implementable rural technologies. The idea is also to create Roing as a model hub and innovation community centre by empowering locals with knowledge and skills, channelizing their creative energy in the form of entrepreneurship leading to sustainable development and betterment of society through adoption of low cost technology.

The seamless confluence of multifarious themes at the 3rd National Shramdaan Conference also significantly augmented the ‘Amazing Roing’ theme meant to highlight the great tourism potential of well-connected, picturesque and historically significant Roing inhabited by progressive people and situated at the foothills of majestic mountain ranges and adorned by sparkling streams and rivers flowing down from the close-by hills and mountains.

Meanwhile, the local District Commissioner and Superintendent of Police Smt. Mitali Namchoom and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sain respectively were only too happy to have supported and be part of the 3rd National Shramdaan Conference. They registered encouragement and expressed that they were impressed with the vision statement and action plan of the conference. The DC especially stressed on sustainable development and connected it with ‘Shramdaan’ when she said, “Sustainability is more than development. It is a responsible way of life. We have to ensure judicious use of resources such that there is enough time for regeneration and replenishment of used resources. It is also our responsibility to ensure that the future generations have enough resources to live on. ‘Shramdaan’ is a laudable idea. It is an alternative that is noble yet it opens up opportunities for oneself as well as for family and community.”

The Conference was also marked by Citizen’s Award presented to various prominent personnel among senior most citizen Mr. Jatan Pulu As a Man of Integrity, Mrs. Tine Mena the first Women to Climb the Mount Everest from North East India and for inspiring Youth in Promoting Adventure Sports, Mr. Bishen Mepo for his Remarkable and Selfless Contribution for the Society, Mrs. Dajum Lego for her dedicated Service to Society in Field of Education and Mr. Joseph Pertin For his Contribution in the area of Organic Farming.

Across the 2-day schedule of the 3rd National Shramdaan Conference, the participants have had the opportunity to explore and get acquainted with one of the most significant heritage and archaeological sites of Roing – Bishmak Nagar, the legendary home of Lord Krishna-Rukmini fables. By way of setting positive examples and project the spotlight on Bishmak Nagar, the participants of the 3rd National Shramdaan Conference from across India carried out sapling plantation, spot fixing and beautification drive at Bhishamika Fort. Meanwhile, the local tribe of Roing Idu-Mishmi presented before the eager audience several cultural performances by way of introducing their longstanding culture and heritage to them. The befitting climax of this cultural jaunt was the enactment of union of Lord Krishna and Rukmini presented in collaboration among three tribes namely, Idu-Mishmi, Assamese and Boro. The 2 days Conference concluded on a positive note with delicious traditional lunch offered by the Bismaknagar village community.

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