Diyun, 9th March: AMYAA NGO today organized ‘Meet with expert programme’ for members of farmers club promoted by AMYAA NGO through the support of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

Field Assistant, Dept. of Horticulture, Diyun, Mr. M.B. Mishra and Mr. Vishal Kumar, Branch Manager, SBI Diyun and Mr. RK Paul, Secretary, AMYAA facilitated the programme as resource persons. The farmers were educated extensively on the vast scope of Horticulture and Cash crops for farmers at Diyun by Mr. M. B. M


The Bank Manager also shared his expertise on the matter of various banking facilities, financing scopes and schemes available for the farmers club. A total of 68 farmers from 20 farmer clubs were educated on the banking procedures to avail benefits by enhancing the credibility of the farmer clubs and SHGs.

The experts and the Farmers had an interaction session where the farmers highlighted on serious issues being faced by the farmers of the area. Farmers also expressed concern about the lack of      market for their produce and licensing issues.

Mr. R. K Paul, Secretary of AMYAA NGO also spoke on challenges of the farmers and their possible resolution. He also educated the farmers of their rights and various schemes available for them. Further he encouraged the farmers for mass participation in such programme to get maximum benefit.

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