14th February,2018, Roing:  With the motive  to inspire, nurture and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, An Interactive session on Entrepreneurship development  was organized today by AMYAA NGO, Roing for budding entrepreneurs of the District. Dr. Charu Monga (DESIGN & ENTREPRENEURSHIP) and Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi (ENERGY), from IIT Guwahati, Assam were the resource persons of the program. This first ever interactive session on Entrepreneurship was attended by Mishmi Hills Trekking Company team led by Ms. Tine Mena, Mr. Iho Metapo leading the Nizamghat Rafting team, Mr. Ibi Mepo, M.Sc in Agro who has a dream to start Agro based Industry in Roing, Mr. P. Suneesh PRO, NHPC, Ms. Seema Linggi from Education background were among the prominent figures in the program.

Creating a new scalable venture is a challenging and complex task. The road to entrepreneurial success is long, winding and strewn with pitfalls, obstacles and blind turns. However, as is always the case, the rewards, both financial and personal are commensurate with the link.

The resource person and the participants had an interaction session where they listened to the ideas and personal experiences of the participants. They also highlighted the challenges they facing like lack of accessibility and neglect.

The experts emphasized on the opportunities of entrepreneurship and provide significant inputs on developing entrepreneurial competencies. This program was organized to offer an opportunity for local Entrepreneurs to have direct interaction with the experienced Professors of IIT Guwahati on the topics pertaining to the areas of Eco-Tourism, Agriculture/Horticulture and Education. With the objective to promote young entrepreneurship, with special focus given to school drop-out youths in skill development. Program aimed at encouraging the risk takers, innovators and dreamers to pursue their passion.

Hence, the session ended with Mr. Paul Chawang, Secretary of AMYAA NGO who threw light on the challenges in the region and orientated the young entrepreneurs to utilize the maximum human resource and to

work on best result oriented performances. He also informed that as a follow-up next Workshop would be kept in the second week of March, 2018 which will focus more on selected topics for selected budding Entrepreneurs.

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