i-Clean Roing Volunteers beautifies Gandhi Park Roing by Painting

The team i-Clean Roing is a group of Volunteers who have initiated an awareness campaign for cleanliness drive at Roing Township through Spot Fixing on every Saturdays. The volunteers comprises of citizens from different background and professions. The like-minded interest to keep Roing clean and green has brought these volunteers together. The Volunteers propagate the common vision of putting an end to blaming of Government or blaming of each other but rather to start doing on one’s initiative. Thus, it sends out a clear message that accumulation of garbage in different corners of the town is mainly due to lack of civic sense among the citizens. Thus, if every citizens starts to think alike on the harmful aspects of littering, cities will have cleaner and greener looks and the spread of most common diseases can be prevented.

Today, i-Clean Roing Volunteers were joined by Green Clubs from Government Middle School Cheta and Midland along with their Teacher incharges in the spot fixing of beautifying Gandhi Park Roing through painting. The Volunteers of i-Clean Roing carries out various programme such as cleanliness drive, reclaiming of ugly public places by beautifying through plantation and painting, and awareness campaign for free litter Roing. It’s a Voluntary group where anyone who have the willingness to provide time and service are welcome to join.

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