Entrepreneurship Skill Development Training on Food Processing and Tie & Dye

ROING: 2/3/2017

The week long training on food processing, tie & dye for SHGs members and aspiring Young Entrepreneurs concludes at Rehko Hall, Mayu-II Village on a positive note.  AMYAA NGO based at Roing with the support of Quest Alliance, Bangaluru organized the training under Skills to succeed (S2S) training programme with special focus given on developing Entrepreneurship Skills of the SHGs members and the unemployed youth of the District. The Entrepreneurship Skill development training programme in the mentioned trade was organized at Denlo, Abali, Bolung, Midland, Cheta and Mayu clusters. The training covered 23 villages and a total of 204 were the beneficiaries of the training. The training programme was facilitated by Mr. Ramesh Kumar Singh, Programme Coordinator and Ms. Aseng Perme, Facilitator of AMYAA. An experienced and expert in Food Processing Sr. Magdalene Simon from Harmutty, Assam was the main resource person of the training.


Smt. Cheshta Yadav IAS, ADC Roing speaking at Cheta Cluster training emphasized that women of today should think of going beyond their home kitchens and to stand on their own feet and support their families through some source of income. She said that they should not over-depend on their husbands and parents in meeting their daily requirements. To which she added that since the District is gifted with immense organic vegetables and fruits productions due to highly fertile land, women and unemployed youth could target at setting up food processing units for home consumption as well as for profit purpose through systematic business model.


While speaking on tie & dye she quoted the examples from Gujarat and Rajasthan where women from remote villages engage themselves in the activities for alternative sources of income. Shri R. K. Paul Chawang, Secretary, AMYAA in all the cluster trainings briefed on the importance of developing entrepreneurship skills by SHGs and unemployed youth in the District.


Thus, among all other income generating activities AMYAA feels food processing as one of the feasible business which SHGs and unemployed youth could take up through proper skills equipment and credit support from financial institutions and banks.


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